Turf Management Allergy Season | Turfcare WA has the solution

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With the smell of freshly cut grass, spring marks the start of the busy season for many turf managers in WA (and lawn lovers). With increasing temperatures and longer hours of sunlight, we can look forward to less rain, increasing growth rates, as well as the summer stresses of heat, pests and disease.

Spring is also the start of Hay Fever season, which can be a huge burden on the day-to-day working life of many turf professionals. Hay Fever is an allergic reaction to various plant pollens. There is a common perception is that this allergic reaction is due to spring flowering trees and shrubs, however, grass pollen has been found to be one of the leading triggers for Hay Fever in Australia. The monitoring of air pollen counts has shown us that grasses can contribute much of the pollen load, many of which are common sports turf grass varieties that set up for spring reproduction.

Right now between 30 - 40% of the Perth population are suffering with cold-like signs and symptoms such as sneezing, itchy-watering eyes and runny noses (Murdoch University, 2019) - with the more severe symptoms including fatigue, headaches / migraines, wheezing, swollen dark circles around the eyes and a sore throat. There is no cure for Hay Fever, but the best strategy is learning how to manage it throughout the working day. If you can relate to any of these symptoms whilst working, we have compiled a few easy tips that will help you feel better and make work more enjoyable.

Tips for Turf Professionals

  1. Wear Sunglasses to reduce the risk of pollen entering your eyes.
  2. Put Vaseline around your nostrils to trap pollen.
  3. Wear a mask to prevent inhaling pollen.
  4. Shower and change your clothes after work to prevent buildup of pollen on your skin, hair and clothes.
  5. Take one non-drowsy antihistamine tablet before you go to work in the morning. This can significantly reduce or completely prevent Hay Fever symptoms
  6. Use an antihistamine nasal spray to clear sinuses and reduce sensitivity.

Always speak to your pharmacist before taking any medication and always ask for non-drowsy varieties, ESPECIALLY if operating large machines such as Triplex Mowers, Vertimowers or sweeping Trilo machines.