Turf Renovations

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We have specialised in sports turf renovations for over 35 years. In the early stages of tennis court management we realised the importance of a specialised renovation program to ensure turf performed at its peak all year round. Today, utilising the latest technology and equipment, we have expanded into larger playing surfaces to deliver comprehensive turf renovations. 

Our services include everything from vertimowing and aeration, through to topdressing and laser levelling on all surfaces. - Michael Maartensz, Director 

Our team conducts daily machinery inspections to ensure equipment is ready to produce renovation services for local government authorities, sporting clubs, private schools and commercial clients on turf surfaces across Perth. Our extensive range of renovation equipment allows us to modify our services to meet any requirements. 

We use vertimowers, high-capacity Trilo machines, Rake-O-Vacs, and Peruzzo sweepers to ensure optimum dethatching and collection. Our aeration machines provide the option of solid or hollow tyne coring to accelerate your surface’s renovation time and playability, creating the best sporting environment for athletes. 

The dedicated team of Turfcare WA operators all have extensive levels of experience in all aspects of turf renovation. We can renovate any area, large or small and meet the specific requirements and needs of your facilities.