Sports Turf Fertilising

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Turfcare WA has invested heavily in equipment that leads the sports turf sector in the application of products through safe and environmentally sound machines. The standard of our spraying and fertilising service is perfect for high-level sports clients from golf courses and tennis courts, to councils, schools and sporting clubs. 

We are committed to helping our clients with expert advice and the most advanced technology in the industry. - Michael Maartensz, Director 

Our spreaders are digitally calibrated to ensure correct application rates and precision spreading. These machines are class leaders in maximising distribution uniformity on all sports turf surfaces. 

Due to leaving a zero footprint, these machines can be utilised on every surface from golf greens up to broadacre fields. We understand the importance of accommodating sporting club play requirements and complying with local government environmental policies and standards. 

We comply with industry standards by implementing company guidelines for all staff in the practice of safe systems of work and Occupational Health & Safety management plans at each site.