Facility Management

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Our sports facility management has evolved over the past 35 years from primarily servicing tennis clubs to include golf courses, universities, schools, large stadiums, and sophisticated sporting venues. 

For any facility management contract we undertake, the goal is working closely with the client to deliver constant improvement. - Michael Maartensz, Director 

Our team works closely with its clients to provide turf management programs that deliver sustainable improvements to turf performance within their facilities. Our services include mowing, spraying, turf renovation, construction and refurbishment, and fertilising to improve the health and performance of turf areas. 

Our extensive range of equipment means that any size or management requirement from a venue can be catered for and maintained. We work to optimise the management of all playing surfaces and gardens to develop and maintain the highest quality turf foundations. 

We are proud of the fact that every facility, club, school and university that employs our facility management teams have seen significant improvements in the quality of their facility and playing surfaces.