Turf Management Professionals

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Turfcare WA specialise in a range of services across two primary categories:

1. Turf Services
2. Contracts & Construction

We deliver these services to a wide range of sporting organisations and facilities, as well as clubs, local councils, golf courses and private venues.

Any organisation where the quality of their natural and / or synthetic turf is paramount to the experience of their athletes, clients, visitors and communities will benefit from the tender loving turf care that our qualified turf managers deliver.

Turf Services


From tennis courts and sports fields to golf courses, our market leading renovation equipment allows us to tailor our service to meet any challenge. Our high-capacity and high-tech Trilo machines, combined with our 5 metre vertimower deliver WA’s highest efficiencies, optimising your surface’s playability and the best sporting experiences for your players.


Mowing is one of our core services and one that we have provided since the business was established in the 1980s. Today, we offer the latest technologies and most experienced professionals in the turf sector. Our team have the skills, equipment and best practice procedures to handle large scale and aesthetically detailed projects to achieve the highest quality finishes.


At Turfcare WA we have worked hard to lead in the delivery of safe and environmentally-friendly fertilising with fully shrouded and GPS guided fertiliser applications. We understand the value of natural grass sports surface to the communities we work with and we know how to keep them healthy, beautiful and self-renewing with site-specific management strategies.


We have built a reputation on spraying safety and precision to achieve optimum health and growth of sports turf surfaces. We use advanced technologies including shrouded booms and GPS tracking guided applications to achieve targeted and safe turf spraying processes. We are proud to offer an unrivalled service with versatility and efficiency to deliver spraying schedules on time and within budget.

Event Clean Up

We give Event managers speed, efficiency and an amazing finish after an event takes place. Our new Trilo machines rapidly collects piles of post-event litter. These machines can handle huge volumes of litter and varying materials and sizes and quickly return your facility to pristine condition after an event of any capacity.

Synthetic Turf

Turfcare WA provide a complete synthetic turf cleaning and maintenance service using market-leading technologies and equipment. Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your synthetic turf and solve common problems including animal odours, dust and dirt build up, rubber and sand compaction and tangled pile fibres. These common issues lead to unhygienic surfaces and compromised playing experiences that can be avoided.

Contracts & Construction

Facility Management

Our complete, on-site venue management service is designed for large, premium sporting facilities; from tennis clubs and golf courses to schools and universities. We match our service to the client’s facility to optimise the management of all playing surfaces, recreational spaces and gardens to maintain the highest quality and performance of all turf surfaces and surrounding gardens.

Turf Construction

This specialist division brings together unrivalled experience in the design and construction of high quality and sustainable sports surfaces. We can deliver complete packages from initial planning and scope of works to construction and maintenance of bowling greens, tennis courts, golf courses, cricket wickets etc. We bring the processes, strategic partnerships, technology, qualified staff and resources to achieve a premium standard.