Synthetic Sports Turf

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While we prefer natural turf, we have seen synthetic turf technology advance incredibly over our time in the turf industry. Synthetic turf definitely has its place as a sports foundation, and it offers a range of benefits from water saving and low maintenance, to consistency in look and playing experience. 

This maintenance will significantly increase the life and safety of the surface. - Cameron Sutherland, General Manager 

Cleaning and maintenance of synthetic turf is crucial to maintaining its look and function, as well as maximising its life. Our specialised, market-leading SMG equipment deeply cleans and sanitises both infill and water-based synthetics without damaging the surface. 

Our staff are trained in all aspects of cleaning and maintaining synthetic turf in domestic, commercial and sporting applications. Cleaning and maintenance not only extends the life of synthetic turf, but it also rectifies common problems such as pet odours, dirt build up, rubber and sand compaction and the tangling of pile fibres. 

Regular professional cleaning using advanced SMG machinery and synthetic turf cleaning solutions will significantly prolong the life of synthetic turf, and ensure its safety as a sports foundation.