Turfcare WA COVID-19 Update

  • Covid 19 lockdown response MARCH 2020

Firstly, the Turfcare WA team want to extend our well wishes to each and every one of you during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The well-being of our all our stakeholders is our top priority.

With the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus and the effect it may have on a range of services throughout the state, we would like to take this opportunity inform you of the proactive measures we are taking in order to ensure the contingency of our service during this time.

We are responding to the recommendations of the Government of Western Australia and the Department for Health WA and are taking every level of precautions necessary to reduce disruptions to our day-to-day operations.

To continue to provide our stakeholders with a safe and hygienic service, we have implemented the following:

  1. Ensuring all staff that have returned from overseas in the past week are self-isolated at home to avoid the possibility of contaminating other staff.
  2. Providing regular updates to staff on the current Health WA advice and hygiene requirements to reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Supplying staff with soaps, paper towels and hand sanitizers to ensure that they can regularly clean their hands prior to touching their face.
  4. Implemented daily cleaning of door handles with anti-bacterial sprays at our Head Office and external depots.
  5. Provided staff with clear guidelines around leave and future planning around absence from work should the virus escalate.

We are currently implementing plans to have designated replacement staff should some of our workforce need to be quarantined and as such, we will provide further updates on this if required in the coming days.

The majority of our turf maintenance work is completed by single operators who are either in enclosed cabs or machines which operate under a 10-metre buffer zone from the public. For any spraying works, our operators have sealed respirator masks and gloves as part of their chemical license requirements.

As such, we have minimal contact with the general public in our daily activities.

To help manage the implementation of our current policies, we kindly would ask If you have traveled overseas or have been in close contact with anyone who has arrived from overseas in the past 14 days, please advise us prior to attending our office or external depots. We are happy to arrange a conference-call meeting if required.

Likewise, If you or a member of your household is experiencing any flu like symptoms, including a fever, coughing or difficulty breathing, we also ask that you to advise us prior to coming into contact with any of our team members.

Our services will continue as normal to enable the sporting surfaces and passive areas at your business to remain in good condition for the continued enjoyment of stakeholders and ratepayers, rather than having to spend time and money bringing surfaces up to standard once we are free of the virus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email: [email protected]