Turfcare WA Launches non-chemical weed control service

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Turfcare WA has recently acquired the new and innovative KECKEX technology from T-Quip, Perth’s dedicated commercial turf equipment supplier. This acquisition marks the launch of the Company’s expansion into the non-chemical weed control arena as they are now offering services to all local governments, educational institutes, sports clubs, and other commercial companies across WA.

The bespoke KECKEX method is the market’s most sustainable and natural method in the space of weed control. It is exclusively a non-chemical process that utilises two modes of action, boiling water, and steam to eliminate weeds without use of any chemical substances such as Glyphosate.

With an increasing public awareness of climate change and a collective drive towards protecting our natural environments, Turfcare WA has recognised a need to provide an alternative to conventional weed control to support the local governments, educational institutes and sporting clubs who are progressively shifting towards more eco-conscious practices.

‘We are very excited by the prospects of being able to reduce our carbon footprint by delivering more sustainable solutions to our clients. We have been monitoring and testing the non-chemical weed control space globally over the past 5 years and the KECKEX method is by far the most effective technology in the industry. We have an established business relationship with T-Quip, the official wholesaler of the Keckex Technology in Australia and are excited to move forward by bringing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to Western Australia’ – Michael Maartensz, Director Turfcare WA

The KECKEX heats water to 130-degree Celsius and creates a hot steam mixture which consists of approximately 70% boiling water and 30% steam. This dual action system heats and insulates the soil, to ensure that the water temperature is maintained while it is absorbed into the plants cell structure. This process triggers a protein shock in the plant, thus destroys the plant's cell wall. The plant can no longer absorb water and subsequently dries up.

Unlike conventional weed control methods, this technology offers our clients continuity in wet seasons as it can be used in any weather conditions, meaning treatment can continue even during rainfall, making it unique and fit for purpose for winter, when weeds are at their peak. This process is also safe to be used freely when targeting weeds near water systems or natural areas. Furthermore, the KECKEX is gentle on hardstand surfaces and can be utilised with bore water. This means that the water extracted from the aquifer is recycled back into the soil profile during the treatment process. It has an extended effect on the weeds and is harmless to humans and animals.  

Turfcare WA is now offering all local governments, educational institutes, and sporting clubs a free demonstration to view and test our new service. If you would like to enquire or book a demonstration, please contact Michael Maartensz by email: [email protected]

If you would like a copy of Turfcare WA’s KECKEX brochure and / or a quotation for this service, please email [email protected] or call 08 9302 6795.

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.turfcarewa.com.au/non-chemical-weed-control