Thinking Outside The Square - Turfcare WA's 3rd Annual Seminar

  • Turfcare WA Seminar 2020

On Thursday 20 August Turfcare WA hosted our third annual Turf Management Seminar at Richardson Park, South Perth. This year’s theme focused on how innovative technologies, planning and techniques can optimise sports surfaces and offer Turf Facility Managers positive solutions for tighter budgets and resources. The seminar format this year was adjusted to balance informative topics with practical demonstrations of new technology equipment, whilst providing interaction and discussion time between all attendees.

Turfcare WA enjoyed the presence of over 100 of Perth’s Key Turf Managers and Local Government Park Coordinators and would like to say thank you to everyone who attended on the day.


Turfcare WA’s General Manager, Cameron Sutherland kicked off the morning by delivering his explanatory research on improving turf performance in  highly trafficked areas. This presentation focused on the performance limitations associated with poor soil structure and properties, organic matter build-up and plant and soil nutritional balance. Case studies emphasised the financial and quality control benefits of understanding the soil profile’s limitations and how proactive approaches to turf management can improve the foundations of performance for Turf and Athlete.

Turfcare WA’s Director and Owner Michael Maartensz’ presentation provided attendees with technical knowledge on the objectives behind Turf Renovation works, the key considerations for identifying required methods, and the processes that deliver plant health, durability and playability of the turf surface. Michael also presented an example of an integrated turf management plan and highlighted how integrating renovation works and plant nutrition can optimise budgets and retain continuous improvement in the soil profile and surface.

This year, Turfcare WA was again fortunate to have industry leaders Jeff Lane and John Forrest join our seminar as Guest Speakers. Jeff Lane, Turf Consultant for Living Turf presented on POGO, the latest cloud-based turf moisture management technology and the value that it brings to the Turf Industry. This technology stores, analyses and interprets soil moisture data from thousands of readings. These readings are the most important key variables that determine turf quality. Jeff Lane’s presentation was concluded with a demonstration and insight into the unlimited analytic capabilities of the POGO smart phone App.

Researcher and Consultant John Forrest concluded the presentation section of the day. John delivered his research on the importance of testing the water quality in soil and implementing a monitoring programme at the beginning and end of irrigation season, in order to identify the water nutrients and PH levels that are being infiltrated into the soil profile. This presentation sparked an in-depth discussion around water sustainability and impact and provided attendees with an opportunity to ask questions relating to soil porosity, turf coverage and maintaining infiltration.

Turfcare WA’s clients and guests were provided with an opportunity to network and exchange ideas, techniques, and approaches with other key players in the turf industry in WA over lunch and coffee provided to them on the day.

Launch & Demonstrations

The latter half of Turfcare WA’s seminar commenced with the launch of Turfcare WA’s Non-Chemical Weed Control Service, followed with a detailed demonstration by T-Quip’s Roland Abel of our new technology. Turfcare WA has recently acquired the new and innovative KECKEX HAKO 1600 Module and Jespi Pedestrian Operated Module from T-Quip, Perth’s dedicated commercial turf equipment supplier. This bespoke KECKEX machine utilises two modes of action, boiling water, and steam to eliminate weeds and this method of chemical free weed control was demonstrated on the kerbing and paving areas surrounding the pavilion.  Almost instantly, upright plants became limp as the life was removed due to the dual water and steam mode of action.

Following our Non-Chemical Weed Control launch, Turfcare WA’s Director, General Manager and Operations Manager exhibited our renowned Field Top Making Machine and Recycling Dresser to demonstrate turf renovation techniques and deliver practical insight on the process. Attendees were shown the field topmaker’s ability to perform 3 different rates of turf canopy removal, from a light vertimow through to 90% of surface and thatch removal, highlighting the ability of the machine to meet all renovation requirements.

Although operating in high organic matter and wet conditions, Turfcare WA’s Recycling Dresser demonstrated it’s unique ability to transport sand from the sub-profile and distribute it evenly across the surface to create a saving on topdressing virgin soil, along with providing some compaction relief in the profile. This machine is ideally suited to Western Australian conditions due to the natural sand profiles in sports fields and its ability to re-cycle the trapped nutrient below the rootzone for re-use by the plant.

These demonstrations provided hand-on insight on the concepts delivered through our presentations and allowed attendees to ask engaging questions relating to the long-term cost and quality advantages of conducting these treatments, recovery time and expected results.